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International Energy Storage Technology Conference View all

The International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference will invite industry experts and scholars, leading enterprises, financial institutions, consulting institutions and authoritative media in the field of energy storage to jointly discuss industrial policy orientation, cutting-edge technologies, market trends, business models and financing channels, so as to promote the cross field application of energy storage in renewable energy hydrogen production, distributed energy, automotive power, energy storage equipment and other directions, promote the technological breakthrough and industrial development of the whole energy storage industry chain, and jointly create a new era of clean energy development.


Global Energy Interconnection Technologies and Application Summit View all

Focusing on building a new power system with new energy as the main body and achieving the dual carbon goal, the photovoltaic industry and the information industry are undertaking the heavy task of energy transformation and technological innovation. The theme of this forum is "New Energy Digitalization Energizing Carbon Neutrality", to promote the deep integration of energy system and information technology, and to exchange knowledge and practice in the process of energy digitization.


Global Green Energy & PV Financial Summit View all

The Summit is being held at a time of new national development. Green is becoming a bright background for high-quality development. At the time of the gradual establishment of the four beams, eight pillars and 1+N policy system for carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, the theme will be Green Finance Contributes to the Realization of Carbon Neutrality focusing on green finance under the constraints of carbon neutralization goals. How to play the role of leading green investment, accelerating the improvement of green investment policies, building a green investment and financing system suitable for carbon peak and carbon neutralization, actively develop green finance, establish and improve the green financial standard system, and develop green finance to expand financial support and investment in green energy systems such as solar energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage and carbon trading, support financial services to green project investment and financing, project operation and risk management.

The Hydrogen Stream: Traditional hydrogen blending could damage gas pipelines, say researchers View all



International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Conference View all

The Conference themed on Enabling 'Green Hydrogen' and Carbon Neutralization, will focus on the whole hydrogen energy industry chain, including the research, development, manufacture and application of manufacturing, storage, transportation, processing, and fuel cell systems, and will demonstrate the technical route and the best solution for the transition from ‘green electricity’ to ‘green hydrogen’, and promote the application of hydrogen and fuel cells in transportation, portable power supply energy storage power generation, and more widely used in distributed systems.

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